Distinctives of GrACE 

Grace Covenant Church is a church in the reformed tradition and we want our core beliefs to define what is important to us and what is true about who we are. The following values come from that desire to live out the tenets of our faith, both as a body of believers and in the greater community we are part of.

1. Prayer: Grace was birthed as a consequence of people coming to God in prayer, seeking His face and guidance. We want every aspect of this church to be founded on heartfelt prayers of people who are delighted to come together to pray. We want our teaching and discipling to reflect and encourage prayer. We may not have weekly prayer meetings, but we will depend on the prayers of those people who are coming together regularly in homes or small groups to pray for Grace church and the world.

2. God's Grace: We want our understanding of God's grace to be the underpinning of how we live in community with others. We want our lives to be characterized by humility and authenticity, to be consistent with the preaching that we hear every week. We know that it is God's grace working through us that brings him glory and reaches out to help and minister to others. We want that reflected in all aspects of church life and government.

3. Generosity: We want to be a blessing to others in the community because we are so aware of the beauty and wonder of God's grace toward us. We hope that is true corporately and individually. We want to be known for our willingness and quickness to reach out to the community around us to share God's love in tangible ways in as many avenues as he opens for us.

4. Diversity in Culture: Grace wants to be a church where all generations and ethnic backgrounds are consciously working and ministering together. We want to meet the needs of specific groups, while at the same time incorporating those groups into the body as a whole so that we truly are living out and reflecting God's definition of his church.

5. Community: We want to be a church that reflects the trinity to each other and our community. We will work to maintain gracious, loving relationships in and among the people in our church in a way that reflects the love the three persons of the trinity have for one another. That will be reflected in our fellowship, our sacraments, our worship, our welcoming of strangers in our midst, our outreach into the community and world, our conflicts, and in all other areas of church life.

6. World Missions: Grace wants to burdened for the world, working to reach out to people all over the globe who are struggling with the worst poverty, persecution and blindness. We will support mission efforts with our material giving, our prayers and other tangible ways that we can help reach the unreached for Christ.

7. Strength in God: We know the church has hard work to do and the opposition is great. We want the armor of God to be our weapons, creating a God dependency to stand firmly on truth in our teaching and living. We do not want to be a business, or create dependency on programs to sell the Gospel to people. We will stand on the simplicity of truth and being the people God has called us to be, each person and family in their own way. The church is the people of God and we will strive to encourage people, heart and soul to be the people of God in all areas of life.

8. Sunday gathering to worship is important to us. We want our Sunday mornings to be delightful gatherings of people who come together to worship God through music, teaching, the sharing of the sacraments, and the fellow-shipping of believers. In summary, we want to be representing God’s kingdom and pushing the kingdom of God forward in all areas of life, through our family relationships, our work or school, sports, recreation, etc.; to live always with the desire to bring glory to God, being consciously saturated in God’s grace in our love for God and his world.